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For those of you preparing for the exam, we’ve listed down some levels of preparation that can help you tackle in the examination.


1.Firstly refer the syllabus of GPAT, atleast aspirants should know the syllabus those who are preparing for GPAT.

2.Solve previous year question paper so that you have the idea which type of questions raised.

3.Get in touch with GPAT qualified candidates so that you should know about what to do and how to start.

4.Always try to start with your favourite and basic subject and so your confidence will boost up and after that you are going to start with typical one.

5.Make your notes with colour full pens so when you read them you find them intresting .


LEVEL 2 discuss about the subjects and their standards books to be followed.Subject divided into two parts and try to start the preparation with combination of one major with one minor subject.So it is easy to cover all the subjects with same confidence.

Study important subjects first

Major: Standards Books
Pharmaceutics Lachman, Remington
Pharmacology K. D. Tripathi, Rang Dale,
Medicinal Chemistry Wilson and Gisvold’s
Pharmaceutical Analysis Pavia, Y. R. Sharma,Chatwal
Pharmacognosy Trease and Evans, Kokate, Rangari


Minor: Standards Books
Biochemistry U.C. Satyanarayan
Microbiology N.K.Jain, M.J Pelczar
Biotechnology U.C. Satyanarayan
Clinical Pharmacy Remington
Organic Chemistry(Important for NIPER) Bahal & Bahal


Many students usually get nervous when it comes to approaching an entrance exam like GPAT. But they can over their anxiety if they skillfully deal with the preparation part.

  1. While going through each chapter, make notes of all the important points so that they come handy at the time of quick revision in the last phase of GPAT preparation.
  2. A lot of questions in the examination are based on medicines and drugs, so try to reise time to time .So there is less chance to forget the names of medicines.
  3. Candidates can easily remember the topics if they deal with the preparation part in a smart way. They can create charts, graphs, tables and put them in front of the study table.
  4. Take some idea of the exam pattern from GPAT Question papers of previous years. Analyse them and you can come up with your own set of questions that you feel have been asked frequently in the paper over the years.
  5. The main key to ace any entrance exam is practice. Practicing questions on a daily basis not only help you in becoming familiar with the exam pattern but it also boosts your confidence to take the exam. The more you practice, the more questions you can solve within the stipulated time.